Bruce Farrell
A Message From Our President


Our world is constantly changing. New technology, new ways of conducting business. At Liberty Bank, we’re ahead of what’s coming next and have made it our commitment to deliver the products and services you need—in ways that serve you best.

We recently updated our mobile banking app and also have implemented a brand new product called CardValet™. We’re providing both of these offerings to ensure your privacy and security, while making them easy to use. We call them:

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Personal Mobile Banking: Making mobile deposits at Liberty Bank is now even easier than before! You download the TouchBanking app in the Apple Store or via Google Play. Enter Libertybk as your app code and sign in with your existing personal online banking username and password. It’s as easy as that.

CardValet: This new value-added service is a real time saver—and takes the stress out of managing your money. You can create customized alerts for your transactions, turn your debit card on and off, and even manage your budget. It also includes complete fraud protection, balance monitoring, and more. To access this service, download CardValet in the Apple Store or Google Play. And get ready to have access and control anytime and anywhere.

These are exciting times, and we’re always looking down the road to see how we can provide you with the convenience and protection you need. My door is always open if you want to chat—or share what services you’d like to see next. Liberty Bank belongs to all of us.

Meanwhile, remember to protect yourself online. Things like updating your software, using strong passwords, and locking your device. They’re all important for keeping your personal information and data safe online.

For now, happy banking. Service will continue to be our specialty and experience will continue to be our strength.

Looking forward,

Bruce K. Farrell
President & Chief Executive Officer